5 Reasons BTS Jimin’s Fancams Always Go Viral AF, According To His Fans

Here’s why Jimin always wins the fancam game.

BTS Jimin‘s fan cams are always viral AF, breaking records and taking over the internet, and here are the five main reasons his fans have put together as to why!


1. Barrier-Breaking Dance Skills

Jimin is well known for his awesome dance moves. But what enchants the fans even more is that there seems to be no barriers when it comes to what genre of dance Jimin can handle. From ballet to hiphop, from powerful to cutesy, Jimin can handle all styles of choreography. Jimin’s adaptability has been widely praised by dancers worldwide too. This variety in styles is clearly visible in all of his fancams, which is why the fans love watching Jimin’s videos!


2. Flawless Physique

When Jimin’s fans speak of Jimin and his dance, they always mention his “line”. To further explain, this “line” has a lot to do with Jimin’s natural body shape and how it makes his dance moves seem a bit more graceful than the others’. While Jimin is the shortest member among BTS at 5’8″, he boasts super long arms and legs that defy proportions. And when he dances using these long limbs, it creates a beautiful fluidity that is mesmerizing for the viewers to watch!


3. Expressiveness

Jimin not only dances with his body, but with his eyes and soul too. The way he completely immerses himself in the music and the choreography allows him to make facial expressions that simply captivates the viewers. Jimin’s dance never fails to deliver the message that it was intended to deliver. This deep, rich expressiveness in his moves is what makes his fancams fun to watch. Viewers find inspiring beauty in how Jimin becomes one with the music on stage!


4. Pure Idolness

While Jimin could pass as a professional dancer, he is also faithful to his identity as a global K-Pop idol. And K-Pop idols know very well how to play with their fans’ hearts! Jimin’s fans also love watching him enjoy himself and completely embrace the moment when he’s on stage. Many of his fan cams captures how well he interacts with the audience and his fans. He isn’t camera shy at all – so he has fun with teasing the camera and letting his cheeky, playful personality to shine on stage. This kind of positive energy is what makes Jimin’s fancams go viral each and every time!


5. Shocking Visuals

And of course, Jimin is simply a pleasure to look at, thanks to his gorgeous visuals. The fancams often show Jimin up close and personal – with all his beautiful features highlighted throughout the video. Viewers are naturally drawn to pretty things – which only explains why Jimin’s fancams go viral all the time. Jimin is unarguably handsome, especially dazzled in stage outfit and make-up. It is no wonder the videos are so visually satisfying and fulfilling. Good things deserve to be watched – and Jimin’s fancams are always all kinds of goodness packed!


Here is the most beloved Jimin fancam with 34M views, in case you want to see for yourself these five things that make him irresistible – but brace yourself, he’s going to make your heart skip a couple beats:

Source: THEQOO