5 Reasons Why BTS Jimin’s Stage Performances Are Always Next Level

He’s truly the “King of the Stage”.

There’s no doubt that BTS’s Jimin is one of K-Pop’s kings of the stage, but just what makes his performances so impressive? Here are 5 ways he always takes his dancing to the next level, no matter what he’s performing.

1. The way he matches his style to the concept

BTS is a group known for trying numerous concepts. Of course, to pull of a concept well, you need to change your performance style to match it—and that’s exactly what Jimin does every time.

During “Spring Day” performances, for example, Jimin keeps his dancing fluid and graceful yet guarded and insular. This embodies the nostalgia and heartache of the song perfectly.

On the other hand, for a song like “Dionysus”, Jimin takes on a powerful dancing style. He uses sharpness and intense energy to make the song’s edgy party vibe come across to the whole audience.

2. The way he takes up the whole stage

From music shows to concerts, K-Pop stages are big—even for a whole group. If an idol is dwarfed by a large stage, this can make their performance looks impressive. Of course, that’s not a problem for Jimin.

Fans often praise Jimin for how his moves take up the whole stage. He makes sure to extend his limbs and make his movements big enough to fill a stage, even when he’s the only one on it.

3. The way his body lines are so fluid

A great performer like Jimin knows that dancing isn’t just about moving your limbs independently. He always makes sure his entire posture is attractive, creating gorgeous body lines on stage.

Even when a dance is focusing on his legwork, for example, Jimin always makes sure his arms create a fluid silhouette too. He even goes as far as positioning his fingers to enhance the full curve of his body.

4. The way he defies physics

Once thing that sets Jimin apart from other dancers is how he incorporates acrobatics into his performances. Many of his leaps and jumps are so impressive, they almost defy gravity.

Using his contemporary dance training, which incorporates the foundations of ballet, Jimin is able to plié deeply in order to execute incredibly high jumps.

On top of that, he’s pulled off flips, rolls, and sky-high moves that make him seem like as much of a gymnast as he is a dancer.

5. The way his makeup & outfits shine from afar

Looks aren’t everything, but they certainly make Jimin’s performances even more eye-catching. Since Jimin’s dancing is often being watched from a distance, his gorgeous outfits and makeup help make him even more eye-catching.

Jimin is known for his intense eyeshadow looks, which often match his hair or outfit, drawing in the audience’s gaze.

Likewise, his outfits (along with the rest of BTS’s stage style) are never boring, always adding an extra visual element to the performance.

Source: Feature Image (piecesofmind/Twitter)