5 Reasons Why Euphoria Is The Most Accomplished BTS Solo Song

This BTS solo track is a record–holder.

On BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself final concert night, Jungkook flew around Jamsil Olympic Stadium on a zipline and sang his hit solo “Euphoria” for the last time.

As “Euphoria” makes its graceful exit, it leaves behind remarkable accomplishments for an unpromoted B–side track. Here are five reasons why “Euphoria” is the most accomplished solo ever in BTS’ long list of hit songs.

1.  “Euphoria” was played in Euphoria

“Euphoria”, a predominantly Korean–language song, was played as background music in the HBO series Euphoria season–ender episode, in its most climactic scene! Watch it here:

2.  “Euphoria” sold over 200,000 units in the US

“Euphoria” sold in the US even without a music video or other forms of promotions to hype it!

3.  “Euphoria” reached 300,000+ points in the Gaon Digital Index

“Euphoria” is at number 8, the highest–ranking BTS solo song to achieve non–physical sales since it came out in August 2018!

4.  “Euphoria” has more than 1 million unique listeners on Genie

“Euphoria” is the only BTS solo song to gain more than one million unique listeners on Genie, one of the top music streaming platforms in Korea.

5. “Euphoria” surpassed 10 million streams on YouTube Music

“Euphoria” is the first song ever in history by a Korean soloist to achieve this feat.

A toast to Jungkook and “Euphoria”, for a highly successful run spanning barely over a year!