5 Reasons Why Irene & Seulgi Will Make The Perfect Red Velvet Subunit

The SeulRene subunit is expected to debut within the next month or so.

SM Entertainment recently announced that Red Velvet would be debuting its first subunit featuring none other than Irene and Seulgi. Any pair of Red Velvet members would make an amazing duo, but it’s no surprise the company selected SeulRene this time around. Here are 5 strengths that give this pair an edge over so many units that came before.

1. They have over a decade of chemistry

Chemistry is the key to any subunit, especially when that unit has just two members. That makes Irene and Seulgi the perfect choice for a duo, given that the pair have been together for over 10 years.

Seulgi joined SM Entertainment in 2007, while Irene joined 2 years later in 2009. They trained together for 5 years before debuting, and Seulgi once revealed that there was a time when she and Irene were the only female trainees left at the company.

They’ve been close friends for so long and are so used to working with each other, they’re bound to have the perfect chemistry to pull off a duo unit.

2. They cover all the necessary skills

Sometimes, a subunit will focus on just one skillset—such as Girls’ Generation’s vocal line unit, Girls’ Generation-TTS. The SeulRene unit, on the other hand, is the perfect combination for a well-rounded duo because they cover all performance skills.

Seulgi is Red Velvet’s lead vocalist and is widely known as one of the most talented singers of the third generation. And, of course, she’s also the group’s main dancer.

Irene is the group’s lead dancer, but she’s also the main rapper. So, between them, Seulgi and Irene cover vocals, dance, and rap. There’s nothing they won’t be able to do as a unit together.

3. They complement each other perfectly

One thing ReVeluvs love about Irene and Seulgi as a performance duo is how well they complement each other, particularly where dance is concerned.

As a dancer, Seulgi is known for her sharp and powerful moves, which she often shows off in her boy group choreography covers.

Irene, on the other hand, is a much more fluid dancer whose strengths include smoothness and grace. Having two dancers who are both highly skilled but dance in different styles is sure to add interest to their final choreography.

On top of that, they also complement each other vocally. Red Velvet is a group known for its harmonies, and since both Irene and Seulgi are accomplished vocalists, there’s no doubt they’ll be utilizing those strengths.

4. They’ve had unit songs in the past

Ultimately, there’s no need to guess whether Irene and Seulgi will make a good subunit because this won’t be the first time they’ve performed together as a duo.

Before Red Velvet released their cover of S.E.S’s “Be Natural” as their first comeback song, Irene and Seulgi performed their own dance cover. The video was uploaded on the SMTOWN YouTube channel when the pair were still part of the SMROOKIES trainee group and has since accrued over 7.5 million views.

The two also had their own cover of Ariana Grande’s hit song “Greedy”, which they performed together at several SMTOWN concerts.

5. Everyone’s eyes are on them already

Last but not least, Irene and Seulgi aren’t just loved as a duo; they’re also doing amazingly in their individual careers right now.

Irene ranked 5th in the April 2020 Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Ranking and 19th on the overall April 2020 Top 100 Individual Idol Brand Reputation Ranking. She was recently selected as the new ambassador for renowned beauty brand Clinique—not just in Korea, but for the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Seulgi also placed high on the Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Ranking list, ranking 13th this month. In the Top 100 Individual Idol Brand Reputation Ranking, she placed 37th. From her endorsements with Converse and Coca Cola to her flourishing social media presence, it’s no surprise everyone is talking about her.

Whether you’re a fan of Irene, Seulgi, or both, you’ll have every reason to stan their upcoming subunit.

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