5 Reasons Why We Need BTS’s Jin Acting In A K-Drama On Our Screens As Soon As Possible

Jin really deserves this!

First and foremost, Jin is an integral part of BTS. But alongside that, he has so much potential as an actor. Here are 5 reasons we need him starring in a K-Drama on our screens as soon as possible.

1. He’s literally a qualified actor

With his skilled, velvety vocals, there’s no doubt that Jin shines on stage as a performer—but being an idol wasn’t his first dream. Initially, Jin intended to become an actor. He was so passionate about it that he went as far as enrolling in an acting degree.

As luck would have it, just after attending his university orientation, Jin was scouted by a Big Hit Entertainment casting agent. But even while training hard for life as part of BTS, he stayed dedicated to his acting education.

After years of professional training, Jin graduated from Konkuk University in February 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Art & Acting. That makes Jin a qualified actor, and a very dedicated one at that—need we say more?

2. His versatility would be perfect for any role

Being an actor means taking on a variety of roles. One minute, you could be playing a good guy; the next, you’re playing a villain. But Jin already has so many sides to his personality, he’d probably have no trouble adjusting to any character.

There’s the comedic side of Jin, which is perfect for a sidekick role.

There’s the fatherly side of Jin, which is perfect for a family drama role.

There’s the heartthrob side of Jin, which is perfect for a lead role.

And there are so many more!

3. He has the perfect K-Drama visuals

Alongside their performances, K-Drama actors are often praised for their impressive visuals. If Jin was in one, there’s no doubt he’d look gorgeous on screen. He is Mr. Worldwide Handsome, after all.

And Jin’s good looks aren’t just subjective, they’re actually proven. A Dutch visual arts team by the name of SLUIS Painting recently conducted a scientific study to find the most attractive faces. With analysis based on the golden ratio, the team named Jin one of the top 3 finalists in the male category (and the only Asian celebrity on the list, period).

4. We have the receipts

Of course, Jin’s acting potential isn’t just a theory. While he’s still yet to star in a K-Drama, he has acted in videos before. Just look at him crying on cue in the music video for “I Need U”.

He also showed off his skills in clip for BTS’s mobile game, BTS WORLD.

5. It’s his dream and he deserves it

While it’s clear that Jin loves being part of BTS, there’s also no doubt that acting is still one of his biggest dreams. He’s been mentioning his acting goal in interviews for years, even calling himself an actor on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon earlier in 2020.

A few years ago, Jin clarified that BTS is his priority. But hopefully, he can find time to act in the future while still staying dedicated to his group!