5 Reasons Why You Should Be Stanning (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Right Now

You’re bound to fall in love with her.

Looking for a new girl group idol to add to your stan list? Here’s why you need to check out (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua.

1. She gets better every era

One of the most satisfying things about stanning Shuhua is how you’ll get to see her grow in skills and confidence every era.

She’s always had a soft and pretty tone, but her lines in “Lion” showed just how versatile her tonality can be.

And it seems like Shuhua’s confidence is growing too—every era, she shines even more on stage.

2. She’s a great role model

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your looks, Shuhua will be the perfect role model for you.

Despite being (G)I-DLE’s visual, Shuhua has never given in to the pressure of existing beauty standards. Last year, she wowed netizens with an eloquent explanation of why she doesn’t dye her hair or always wear makeup.

Shuhua told fans on Instagram and Weibo that she likes to enjoy her life and be comfortable. She said that while she respects people who like to dress themselves up, she prefers being natural and likes herself the way she is.

Even if you think this is a flaw of mine, I think it’s precious and important. This is the beauty I want.

— Shuhua

3. She’s hilarious

There’s never a dull day when you stan Shuhua because she always brightens up the atmosphere with her humor.

Shuhua is known for being the group’s “savage maknae”, and her bluntness is always hilarious.

She’s also very close with her groupmate Soojin, and the way she teasers her and pushes her buttons is equal parts funny and adorable.

4. She’s just so pretty

Looks may not be everything, but you’ll certainly have plenty to feast your eyes on if you stan Shuhua.

She’s the group’s official visual, and her beauty certainly lives up to the role.

Even with no makeup on, she’s still gorgeous.

5. Her hard work is an inspiration

When life gets tough, sometimes you need a K-Pop girl to help you through it. Whatever you’re struggling with, Shuhua’s hard work will always be an inspiration to you.

Shuhua joined Cube Entertainment in 2016, only getting to train for two years before debuting with (G)I-DLE. Despite that, she does an amazing job on stage.

Since Shuhua is originally from Taiwan, she also struggled to bring her Korean up to fluency over just two years. Even though the language barrier was difficult for her as a trainee, she’s still improving her skills to this day.