5 Reasons Why You Should Be Stanning TWICE’s Chaeyoung Right Now

You can’t resist her unique charms.

Looking for a new idol to add to your stan list? TWICE’s Chaeyoung could be your girl. You probably already know her as TWICE’s main rapper, but there’s so much more to this strawberry princess than that. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get on the Chaeyoung hype train ASAP.

1. She’s an amazing songwriter

One of the most impressive things about Chaeyoung is that she doesn’t just deliver her raps well—sometimes she even writes them.

Chaeyoung wrote the raps in “Precious Love”, “Missing U”, and more. She even wrote all the lyrics for “Don’t Give Up” by herself. Out of all the TWICE members, she has writing credits on the most songs.

She’s also written raps for existing songs, including Rihanna’s “Work” when she was just 16 years old.

On top of that, she’s also a budding composer. Alongside FRANTS, Chaeyoung composed “How U Doin’” from TWICE’s latest Japanese studio album, &TWICE.

2. Her art shows so much talent

As well as music, Chaeyoung also has a talent for visual arts.

She loves to draw and paint, and she has a unique art style that permeates all her work.

She’s so talented, her artwork has even been featured on several TWICE products, such as the TWICE x Spris sneakers.

3. She’s oh-so loving

If you love Chaeyoung, you can be sure she’ll always love you back. She never hesitates to tell ONCEs how much she cares for them and misses them.

Plus, she frequently goes above and beyond to make sure every fan feels included. For example, when TWICE toured North America, Chaeyoung did her “ment” in Spanish at the Mexico show and in English during the USA shows.

And, of course, it’s cute to see how loving she is to her fellow members too.

4. Her dimples will brighten your day

On top of all that, Chaeyoung is seriously gorgeous. Her big, round eyes and full lips attract everyone’s attention, and she has a great figure to boot.

One of her best features is those adorable dimples. When you stan Chaeyoung, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling every time you see them.

5. She’s such an inspiration

Last but not least, if you stan Chaeyoung, she’s sure to be a constant source of inspiration. A few years ago, she caught everyone’s attention when she said she painted her nails black even though she heard that guys hate it. She never lets other people’s beauty standards affect her, which she’s shown time and time again with her unique hairstyles and tattoos.

And she’s constantly saying insightful things that give fans strength—like the time she compared people to strawberries. Just like natural strawberries taste better than strawberry-flavored foods, she said, we’re the best version of ourselves when we present as we really are.