5 Reasons Why Tiffany Young Is Totally A Real Life Sailor Moon

Her tour IS called “Magnetic Moon”… 🤔

An astute Young One, which is what fans of Tiffany Young are lovingly called, put together a clever list explaining Tiffany’s connection with Sailor Moon.

After a quick scroll through, we can’t help but agree that the beautiful, kind, and supremely talented Tiffany could be a real-life moon princess! Here are our five favorite connections between Tiffany and Sailor Moon from that thread.

1. Tiffany and Sailor Moon Share Stunning Visuals

The blonde hair, the ethereal vibe. There’s no way Tiffany isn’t secretly a moon princess. 🌙

2. In 2015, Tiffany uploaded a picture of Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick

Although the post appears to have since been deleted as it was on an old Instagram account, it makes the Tiffany Young/Sailor Moon connection harder to deny!


3. Tiffany dressed as Luna

Also in 2015, Tiffany shared this super cute collage of her wearing a beanie that made her look like Luna, Sailor Moon’s loyal guardian cat and advisor.

We’re sure even Luna would agree that Tiffany was absolutely adorable in her Halloween look! (Perhaps the costume was Luna’s idea! 😉 She is an advisor to the Sailor Scouts, after all.)

4. Tiffany liked a collage that compared her to Luna

When a fan posted this collage comparing Tiffany to Luna, she probably didn’t expect to get a like from the idol in question… But that’s exactly what happened! And, nobody loves Luna as much as Sailor Moon does.

5. She carries a Creer Beaute Crystal Star makeup compact in her purse

Or could it be an actual crystal star compact?

I mean, has anyone ever seen Tiffany and Sailor Moon in the same place? 🤔

BONUS: How could anyone deny the resemblance?

See the full original thread below: