5 Rising Trainees From JYP Entertainment You Should Know About

These trainees could debut in the next JYP Entertainment girl group.

So far, the official line up for JYP Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group has not been announced, but fans feel that these talented trainees may be on the list.


1. Choi Jisu

Choi Jisu was born in 2000.


Like many idols in the making, she attends Seoul’s School of Performing Arts Seoul to study music.


She also received vocal instruction at the Dream Vocal Academy.


So far, not much is known about Jisu, other than the fact that she has stunning visuals and powerful, soulful vocals.


Given her talents, many fans believe she has a good shot at debuting in JYP Entertainment’s new girl group.


She was recently spotted at TWICELAND with several other trainees and Somi (former I.O.I member).


2. Lee Chaeryeong

This dancing queen was born in 2002.


Fans have fallen in love with her bright, cheerful smile…


…and lovable personality.


In 2013, she impressed the K-Pop Star 3 judges with her incredible hip-hop dance skills. At the time, she was only 11 years old.


She auditioned for the show with her sister, Lee Chaeyeon.


Although both girls became JYP Entertainment trainees, Lee Chaeyeon left the agency to join WM Entertainment.


In 2015, Chaeryeong competed on the survival reality show, Sixteen. Although she was ultimately eliminated, her time on the show gave Chaeryeong much deserved exposure and increased her dedicated fanbase.


Her popularity continued to grow when she competed on Stray Kids in 2017.


Her fans see her as another strong contender for JYP Entertainment’s highly anticipated new girl group.


3. Hwang Yeji

This visual goddess was born in 2000.


Like Chaeryeong, Yeji competed on the reality survival program Stray Kids last year. During the show, she held a dancer position within her team. It’s easy to see why!



Yeji has an outstanding stage presence that never fails to enrapture her audience.


4. Shin Ryujin

Shin Ryujin, born in 2001, is currently one of JYP Entertainment’s most popular trainees. This multi-talented girl is a singer, dancer, and actress.


When Ryujin competed on Stray Kids last year, fans fell in love with her jaw-dropping performances and silly personality.


Ryujin made an appearance in BTS‘s Love Yourself Highlight Reel…


…and acted in The King, a political crime drama film starring Jo In Sung and Jung Woo Sung.


She blew fans away during her time on MIXNINE and made it into the top team of female contestants.


Among JYP Entertainment hopefuls, Ryujin is definitely a fan favorite.


5. Shin Yuna

This JYP Entertainment trainee was born in 2003.


So far, not much is known about Yuna, but she began to pique fans’ interest during her time on Stray Kids, in 2017.

At the time, Yuna’s braces made her easily recognizable and added even more cuteness to her adorable look.