5 Rising Trainees From SM Entertainment You Should Know About

Everyone should definitely watch out for these girls!

SM Entertainment never fails to impress with their amazing trainees. For a number of years their trainees have been a part of the SMRookies program. With such incredible groups like NCT and Red Velvet as graduates from the program, you can’t help but be excited for what SM Entertainment has up their sleeves for the next round of trainees!


1. Yiyang

Yiyang was born in 1997 and was introduced as a member of SMRookie back in 2016.


She is originally from Sichuan, China but is able to speak Korean very well.


Yiyang is most known for her stunning visuals, although rumor has it that her singing voice is amazing too!

Some people think that she looks like f(x)‘s Krystal.


She is also known to have a sweet and playful personality that directly complements her beauty!


2. Ningning

Ningning also joined SM Entertainment’s trainee program in 2016.


She was born in 2002 and is from Harbin, China. While she may be from China she already fluent in Korean.


Besides her obvious beauty, NingNing is known for her amazing vocals. She used to be a member of Lets Sing Kids in China where she got to show off some of her talent!

She joined one year after fellow SM Entertainment artist Chenle (NCT) was a member!


She was also in the Chinese singing competition called New Generation Sound of China.

Although she didn’t win the competition, she still completely wowed the audience with her sweet voice.


Besides her stunning performances in Chinese, she’s also blown away audiences with her rendition of Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep”.


Her impressive singing voice, incredible beauty, and language skills make her someone to look out for!


3. Koeun

Koeun is SM Entertainment’s longest-running trainee. She joined the agency in 2011 and has been training for the past 7 years.

Although she joined in 2011, she wasn’t officially introduced as an SMRookie until 2015.


She was originally in the lineup to debut with Red Velvet.

She even made an appearance at the beginning of the group’s “Happiness” music video!


She may not have debuted with Red Velvet but her angelic voice has already garnered her a number of fans.

She showed off some of these sweet vocals on Korea’s Mickey Mouse Club.


Her voice is so amazing that there has been a rumor for a number of years that she is in the running for the main vocalist position for SM Entertainment’s next girl group!

It’s really no surprise since her beautiful, soft, and clear voice is absolutely breathtaking.


A while back, Koeun also grabbed the attention of netizens for looking somewhat like TWICE‘s Momo.

Not everyone agreed she looked like Momo, but they did all agree that she needs to debut!


4. Hina

Hina is one of SM Entertainment’s Japanese trainees. She was born in 2000 and is fluent in both Korean and Japanese.


She was introduced as a member of SMRookies in 2015.


Hina is known for her dance skills which she got to show off on Mickey Mouse Club.

She’s been dancing since the age of 4 and her favorite style to dance is hip-hop!


Besides her dancing skills she’s also got some amazing fruit carving skills!


5. Lami

Lami has been under SM Entertainment for a number of years despite being the maknae of the company.

She was born in 2003!


Her speciality is acting and she also enjoys modeling.


With her stunning visuals she’s earned the nickname “the second Yoona.”


Lami was also made regular appearances on Mickey Mouse Club proving that she’s got some major vocal talent too.

Lami performed this song with fellow trainees Koeun and Hina, along with former trainee Herin.