These 5 Rookie Boy Groups Just Dropped Some Mega Bops For Your Playlist

Give them the stream they deserve.

October 2019 has been an adventurous month for the rookie groups navigating the world of K-Pop. One thing is for sure: They worked hard and it paid off. All of their newest bops sound amazing and are worthy of a spot on your playlist, on repeat.


1. TXT

TXT‘s magical new album built crazy anticipation when the teasers and concept photos were initially revealed. When “Run Away” finally dropped, K-Pop fans were pleasantly satisfied!


2. Stray Kids

Stray Kids continue absolutely dominating that badass vibe unrivaled in the K-Pop scene. With this charismatic new song, Stray Kids have redefined what it means to be the LIT-test rookies in the game.



ATEEZ‘s new song “Wonderland” is ready to be your workout soundtrack for life. If this doesn’t get you beyond pumped up, what possibly could? ATEEZ have charmed K-Pop fans with this dark-sexy comeback for sure.


4. AB6IX

With such an aesthetically pleasing music video to complement their long awaited comeback song, AB6IX have fans blind with love for the group. This track is bound to have the listeners humming along right away!


5. CIX

While in Japanese, this new release by CIX is a certified banger by K-Pop fans nonetheless. Not only is the song super catchy, the music video — filled with awesome special effects — is 200% worthy of your stan.