Here Are The 5 Most “Scandalous” Dresses To Have Shook The Red Carpet


Perhaps one of the more entertainment moments in any award ceremony is the red carpet — where the trendiest actors and actresses come dressed to impress and show off their best visuals. And inevitably, some outfits make impressions that last longer than others. Here are the 5 most “scandalous” dresses to have been worn by Korean actresses at different red carpet events — all of which left the audience shook-AF!

1. Actress Kim So Yeon’s White Dress

At the 2007 Busan International Film Festival, actress Kim So Yeon stunned in this revealing white dress.

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Considering the ambiance in Korea more than a decade ago, Kim So Yeon’s dress came across as extremely controversial. While she looked impeccable draped in the silky fabric, Kim So Yeon made headlines for weeks for her “excessively revealing fashion”.

Nonetheless, the actress later revealed in a 2013 interview that this dress “changed her life forever.”

Busan has always been a lucky place for me. My first red carpet in 2007 helped me gained some attention because I wore a ‘controversial’ dress. My career bloomed after that though. Before then, I rarely got roles. After the festival is when I started getting offered scenarios. That day made me who I am today.

— Kim So Yeon

2. Actress Oh In Hye’s Red Dress

At the 2011 Busan International Film Festival, actress Oh In Hye shocked the audience as she walked down the red carpet in this very revealing dress.

Singer Baek Ji Young once wore the same dress, though she had a much more conservative fit. Hence, when Oh In Hye showed up in this looser fit, she received a lot of criticism for “being attention seeking.”

Said to have been a sponsored style from a wedding dress shop, Oh In Hye tailored the dress herself because she had no agency and couldn’t afford stylists to help her. She later revealed in an interview that while she did want to wear something eye-catching, she “didn’t think the dress would turn out that controversial.”

3. Actress Bae So Eun’s Golden Dress

At the 2012 Busan International Film Festival, actress Bae So Eun stopped time with her glitz and glam…


… as she walked down the red carpet in this bare-back golden dress. As glamorous as this dress had been though, Bae So Eun faced some heat for the look. Some argued that she “is trying to be like 2011’s Oh In Hye by wearing something controversial for the attention“.

Following the festival, Bae So Eun appeared in a couple more movies. Since 2017, however, she has been inactive in the industry.

4. Actress Han Se Ah’s Roped-Up Dress

At the 2014 Grand Bell Awards, actress Han Se Ah showed up rather tied up…

| Grand Bell Awards

… in this red lace dress detailed with ropes accentuating her upper body. At the time, the dress caused divided reactions — with some praising the bold and unique look vs. others criticizing the sexual undertone.

Since the award ceremony, Han Se Ah sought movie roles that would not require her to show any skin. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much success with appearing in more titles. By September 2017, she got married and retired from the industry.

5. Actress Lee Sung Kyung’s Nude Dress

At the 2015 Seoul International Drama Awards, actress Lee Sung Kyung slayed this two-piece outfit like the model she is.

Her nude-toned sheer top over a strapless brassier had everyone do a double take with its illusional effect. The red leather skirt, matched with a Gucci belt, added to the overall dangerously sexy vibe of it all.

Estimated to be around ₩7,850,000 KRW ($6,500+ USD), Lee Sung Kyung looked like an unbothered queen in this 2015 Gucci F/W collection.

Source: THEQOO