5 Similarities Between “Life Goes On” And BTS’s Previous Songs You May Not Have Noticed

The boys always seem to find a way to give us some nostalgia.

In almost every single comeback to date, BTS has included a nod to a previous music video or concept. Fans are noticing it yet again for BTS’s comeback “Life Goes On” and it seems our fun with HYYH is here to stay.

1. The Group Couch-Huddle

Like many K-Pop groups, there are always times when all of the members sit together for a group photo. BTS, though, seems to have a love of couches over the years.

BTS’s “Life Goes On Official Teaser 1” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube
BTS’s “Spring Day” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

2. RM’s Hat

While it’s not confirmed yet to be the same hat, RM seems to have brought back the shaved-hair, beanie look from the HYYH era. Though a simple look, it’s very iconic for that album.

BTS’s “Life Goes On Official Teaser 1” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube
BTS’s “Run” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

3. The Campfire Aesthetic

BTS seems to gather around the campfire more often than not. Be it for music videos, concept photos, or Run BTS! episodes, they’re usually warm, happy, and talking by a fire.

BTS’s “Life Goes On Official Teaser 1” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube
BTS’s Young Forever Album Cover (Night Version) | Big Hit Entertainment
BTS’s “I Need U” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

4. The “Home” Concept

BTS seems to have become fully comfortable with themselves and want to share it with the world. ARMYs present in their first two years—2 Cool 4 Skool through Dark & Wild eras—know that while there were some elements here and there, BTS was ultimately a very different concept starting out. With a slow climb through HYYH and Wings eras, it’s safe to stay that with their newest albums, the self-loving, home vibes are here to stay.

BE Concept Photo | @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram
BTS’s “Stay Gold” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube
BTS’s 4th Muster: Happy Ever After Concept Photo (In which members’ personal things were hidden throughout the picture.)

5. J-Hope’s Room V.S. Daydream

While perhaps not the most obvious similarities, J-Hope seems to be embracing reds and blues lately. Fans just couldn’t help but notice his room’s concept resembling his solo debut “Daydream”.

BE Concept Photo | @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram
J-Hope’s “Daydream” | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

It’s always interesting to see how they will sneak in a wink from the past and stay true to themselves each comeback.

Aside from the callbacks, fans are loving the comfortable concept and can’t wait for the MV!

Until November 20!


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