5 Songs BTS Were A Featured Artist On

It’s rare but it has happened.

Many people don’t know that BTS had a different planned lineup of members and that lineup featured RM along with Iron and Supreme Boi who fans may be familiar with. Suga and J-Hope were added later in the predebut phase.

Most of these songs come from that time period as BTS almost never feature on tracks these days.

It’s clear that JiminJungkookJin and were integral to the success of BTS but this is an interesting look at what BTS may have sounded like if the original lineup debuted.

#1 – Ashes (Lim Jeong-hee feat. RM & Iron)

This song is very enjoyable, the vocal power of Lim Jeong Hee combined with the rapping skills of RM and Iron combine to make a powerful song. RM’s skills were sharp even back in 2010.

#2 – Love U, Hate U (2AM feat. RM)

Although RM is the only BTS artist to feature in this song he still introduces himself as the whole group. He’ll never stop repping Bangtan clearly. Jo Kwon‘s vocals stood out in particular and RM’s rap verses were on point as always.

#3 – Because I’m A Foolish Woman (Kan Mi Yeon feat. RM, Iron, Supreme Boi)

The composition of this song is similar to Ashes. With Kan Mi Yeon’s verses interwoven between rap verses from RM, Supreme Boi and Iron. A very nice track, Mi Yeon’s parts are haunting and the three rappers keep a consistent tone throughout.

#4 – A Song That Will Make You Smile (Lee Seung Gi feat. RM & J-Hope)

Lee Seung Gi certainly gets the majority of the song but RM and J-Hope get a few lines each which really add lyrically to the ending of the track. It is a song that is certainly pleasing on the ears.

#5 – Waste It On Me (Steve Aoki feat. BTS)

“Waste It On Me” is the only song BTS have officially collabed on since pre-debut which shows how much they respect Steve Aoki as an artist.

RM and Jungkook perform the song but there is some debate on whether Jimin provided some vocals as well. Either way, it’s a catchy EDM song with a melodic chorus and we love it!


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