5 Songs Every Korean Knows and Sings At Karaoke

These classics are a must when going to karaoke with Koreans.

1. “No Matter What” by Park Sang Cheol

This hardcore love song, with lyrics like “I’ll cross the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian oceans if you need me to come for you”, is a popular song choice for Koreans to pick up the mood at karaoke!


K-Pop idols all love this old classic!


As do Koreans worldwide!


2. “For You” by Im Jae Bum

“For You” is a classic love song that all Korean men have attempted to sing at least once. Ailee and many more have performed this song on Masked Singer and other popular TV programs.


Bobby, who is more well known for his rapping, poured his heart out in iKON’s cover.


“For You” is one of Im Jae Bum’s biggest hits.


3. “Emergency Room” by izi

“Emergency Room” was the main OST for 2005 drama Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. Though the song is from over a decade ago, Koreans still pour their hearts out to it.


No one can resist singing along to the chorus!


Unfortunately, Izi never reached the level of popularity of “Emergency Room” with his later releases.


4. “Tears” by So Chan Whee

It’s one or the other for this track: You either scream through it and pass out or give up half way, completely out of breath! So Chan Whee’s “Tears” is popular among Korean men and women, young and old.


UP10TION’s Sunyoul even pretended he was a girl when he was performing his cover of it.


When the intro drops, Koreans lose their minds.


5. “A Shot of Soju” by Im Chang Jung

Im Chang Jung’s “A Shot of Soju” is a favorite among stars too! The mellow tune and heartbreaking words actually call for a shot of soju or two. Or a couple bottles.


No matter if a male or female sings it, you can’t help but feel the emotions of the song.


It’s one of those songs that is impossible to not sing along to! Koreans love the chorus that goes, “Hello, it’s me.”

Source: 1boon
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