5 K-Pop Songs That Would Go Viral On TikTok If They Were Released Now

If only TikTok had been around for K-Pop’s second-generation’s bops…

TikTok has become a hub for all things K-Pop content as it allows fans to have a space to post covers, opinions, fancams of their favorite idols, and, most notably, challenges.

Many K-Pop artists on the app actively post “challenges” for their fans to join in on, usually based on their recent comebacks.

For instance, newly debuted group Kep1er just posted their “WA DA DA challenge” for their fans to join.


WA DA DA Challenge😎#ShowmeyourWADADA#WADADAchallenge#김채현 #CHAEHYUN#김다연 #DAYEON#서영은 #YOUNGEUN#Kep1er #케플러

♬ WA DA DA – Kep1er

But K-Pop songs can go viral for more than simply the dance challenges.

The recent song “Mirror Mirror” by F. HERO & MILLI (featuring Stray KidsChangbin) even had K-Pop fans feeling confident in their looks.


ummmmmmm…. maybe beauty 🧐 #mirrorchallenge #mirror #changbin #milli #kpop

♬ mirror mirror – ?¿?

TikTok has become a handy app for K-Pop idols and their companies to promote, which only leads to the question… Which K-Pop songs would go instantly viral on TikTok if they were released now?

1. SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

With an addictive melody, lyrics that refuse to leave your head, and simple but cool dance, there’s no way that this hit song would not instantly go viral on TikTok. Everyone’s FYP (“for you page”) would be immediately filled with people trying to pull off the iconic surfing move.

2. ORANGE CARAMEL’s “Catallena”

Although dancing challenges on TikTok are common, equally so are lip-sync challenges. And “Catallena’s” iconic trio of “Hah!s” would lead TikTok users to come up with some incredibly creative and likely hysterical edits.

3. GOT7’s “If You Do”

Not only is GOT7‘s song filled with emotion, which already lends itself to creative challenges on TikTok, but the spoken interlude provides the perfect excerpt to use for the next TikTok acting challenge.

Imagine the dramatic gestures and expressions as TikTokers lip-synced to “It’s up to you if you want to break up. I don’t care. Just do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll just go to sleep.” 

GOT7’s BamBam | @JYP Entertainment/YouTube

4. Block B’s “Her”

With another addictive melody and repetitive dancing, “Her” boasts easy choreography that would allow fans to take this song on as a challenge easily. The chorus encourages bright smiles, energetic, big moves, and probably even some outrageous, eye-catching costumes.

5. TWICE’s “TT”

Although probably any TWICE song could be included in this list, and the idols actually are very active on TikTok (although some ONCEs might joke that TWICE can be very late to challenges), “TT” has the perfect blend of acting and simple choreography that would let the song go viral. Everyone’s FYP (“for you page”) would be filled with pouty faces and the iconic hand gesture.

Twice’s Chaeyoung | @JYP Entertainment/YouTube

What older K-Pop song do you think would go viral on TikTok if released today?