These Are The 5 Songs That People Say Represent BTS Perfectly

Did your favorite BTS song make it?

BTS has achieved numerous achievements in their career and has had a stable career since their debut. With all the songs they released, these are the five that people think to represent the group well.

1. “Fire” (2016)

“Fire” is the most widely known BTS song and now, even three years after its release, it still hypes people up. It’s one of the most used songs for BGMs both on YouTube and in variety shows!

Many also comment on how Suga‘s “bultaoreune (불타오르네)” remains iconic even with non-fans, with many identifying the line with the song. Many believe that “Fire” is when BTS’s success starts.

2. “Blood Sweat & Tears” (2016)

BTS was reaching its peak when “Blood Sweat & Tears” was released. The song was a hit with the Korean public and made a lot of people turn into ARMYs, with many becoming interested in BTS after the song came out.

The group initially came out as a hip-hop group and was now shifting to a more pop concept that suits them well.

3. “Spring Day” (2017)

Known as one of BTS’s refreshing songs, “Spring Day” still ranks high on numerous music charts despite being released two years ago.

This song attracted a lot of people in their adulthood. It’s been said that adults started opening up to idol music despite their prejudice thanks to BTS and this song.

4. “DNA” (2017)

“DNA” is known as one of BTS’s most successful songs in the West. During its release, BTS was involved in more overseas activities, and this song notably ranked high on the Billboard charts.

It is one of the most well-known BTS songs and the “LOVE YOURSELF” albums are still BTS’s most popular album.

5. “Boy With Luv” (2019)

“Boy With Luv” was released after BTS’s achieved numerous milestones in the west, like attending the Grammys. The song also featured American popstar, Halsey, proving BTS’s versatility and ability to work with people in the West.

The song showed a brighter side of BTS and was a hit worldwide. The song continues to rank high on the charts.