5 Things You May Not Have Noticed About ENHYPEN’s “Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.]” MV

Wait, so which one is a vampire?

With the release of the music video for ENHYPEN‘s Japanese debut Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.], fans have already begun to take a deep dive into its contents and try to create new theories based off of their thorough observations!

So much was jam-packed into three minutes that it is definitely easy to miss little details that could be important! Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of five things you may not have noticed about ENHYPEN’s Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.] MV:

1. The Car From Their Debut Trailer “Dusk-Dawn”

At around 2:25 in the video, member Jungwon steps on top of a glowing red car. This same car made an appearance in the group’s second debut trailer, Dusk-Dawn, with Jake looking wistfully outside of the window in the back seat.

2. The White Clothes From “Fever”

In both Fever and the Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.] MV, all of the ENHYPEN members wear loose-fitting white outfits that are eerily similar. One theorist believes they may be connected, with Fever being a hallucination the members are having in the institution from Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.].

3. The Parallel To BTS’ “Run” MV

Fans of HYBE Labels were excited to see that the running scenes from Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.] and Run by BTS are quite alike! Some theorists have even used these scenes as part of the evidence that all HYBE artist music videos take place in the same cinematic universe.

4. Heeseung’s Red Sun Mirror

At the very beginning of the video, Heeseung takes a look at his reflection inside of a mirror. This mirror just so happens to be shaped like a sun, directly referencing the lyric “Dive into red sun, no lie.”

5. ENHYPEN’s Reflections

Most of ENHYPEN’s stories revolve around the concept of vampires. However, ENGENEs have pointed out multiple times that members such as Heeseung (as stated above) and Sunoo can see their reflections in both the Korean and Japanese versions of Given-Taken. Therefore, some have theorized that these two music videos may be a look into the group’s past rather than the present or future.

What do you think of ENHYPEN’s Given-Taken [Japanese Ver.] MV?