5 More Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s “Interlude: Shadow” Comeback Trailer

The theories are endless with BTS!

BTS wouldn’t be BTS without another explosion of mind-blowing theories and signs embedded into their content. Previously, we mentioned some interesting clues that you might have missed for the “Interlude: Shadow” comeback trailer. Here are a few more things you might have missed!






1.  Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat is an American artist that was famous for his street art graffiti during the late 1970s. His artwork was a tool for him to express his experiences in the black community of his time and also focused on rich versus poor and inner versus outer experience. Fans may be familiar with the crown image because of V, but it also resembles the drawings of Jean-Michel Basquiat.




During one interview he stated that the talents of people in every field is not only rewarding, but also comes with the insurmountable pressures for great success. Basquiat used the crown to symbolize himself as king, his association with people he believed to be kings, and his ambition to become great. He died in 1988 at the age of 27 due to a drug overdose.






2. Currency Signs

One scene in the music videos shows Suga performing on stage while people below are taking photos of him with their phones. If you look closely, you will see different currency signs on the phone screens. This is expressing the media and people who take photos and videos of them as a way to make money.






3. Three Different Scenarios

This comeback trailer shows three different sides of Suga, similar to the “Intro: PERSONA” video. The first scenario shows Suga wearing all white expressing his dreams and desires in life stating “I wanna be…”





The second scenario shows him in all black, standing on a pedestal under the bright lights. This shows that he has achieved his dreams and that although all the lights and fame are pointed towards him, he acts cool even though he is afraid on the inside.




The final scenario show the other “I” that lives between the shadows. This reveals all his insecurities that he hides from the world. He’s afraid but he wants to be the king.




4. Anonymous Figures

These anonymous figures appear in many of BTS’s songs including FIRE, MIC Drop, N.O, Not Today, FAKE LOVE, etc.





These figures’ meanings changes depending on the story line. In some instances it can be used to represent fear, wishes, dreams, fame and other times it can be used to represent their own shadows or of each other.





This comeback trailer uses these figures to express Suga’s shadows in a literal and figurative manner.








5. Glass Ceiling

Glass and mirrors seem to be common theme in BTS concepts and in this comeback trailer we can see glass again from the glass ceiling and room full of mirrors. This can be used to show that they have “broken through the glass ceiling” and have reached success.




The microphones smashing through the glass can also be used to show that their music has also surpassed boundaries and have reached the top. The trailer shows Yoongi standing on top of the glass ceiling while other people are falling underneath. This can be used to symbolize just how great they have become.







The theories and clues are endless when it comes to BTS and fans are figuring out more as time passes on. Stay tuned for more updates on theories!