5 Things You Never Knew About EXO’s Suho That Will Make You Cry

You may want to grab the tissues, it’s about to get a little teary in here!

Fans know that EXO Suho‘s name means “guardian” but he’s so much more than the word. He’s sweet, loyal, hardworking, and loves his members and fans with his whole heart. Although he always tries to keep it together to portray a role model of a leader, when he opens himself about the hardships and worries he’s faced in his life, you’ll really want to cry! So without further ado, here are just a few things about our guardian leader that are sure to touch your heart.


1. Debuting wasn’t as easy as Suho made it seem

Every EXO-L knows how hard Suho works and nothing shows that quite like his time spent as a trainee. Although he was excepted as a trainee with SM Entertainment when he was only 16 years old, he worked long and hard to debut.


During an episode of EXO 90:2014, Suho opened up about how hard it was for him and how lonely the wait to debut was.

I entered SM Entertainment as a trainee in 2005, around the time of Super Junior’s debut and I became close with Jonghyun and Taemin who were also trainees at the time. But they ended up debuting with SHINee first. I felt really lonely being left as the only trainee.

— Suho


But all that hard work paid off because Suho became the lovable leader of EXO!


2. He’s still haunted by the group’s first win

When EXO had their first win with “Wolf” in 2014, Suho was so overcome with emotion that he couldn’t stop the tears from rolling.


Although he’s said on multiple occasions that the moment was incredibly embarrassing for him, EXO-Ls know it just shows what a kind and humble heart Suho has!


3. Suho ranks himself last in visuals

Although Suho is confident in his looks and has even admitted that he has no feature he can find fault with, he still consistently ranks himself last against the other members of EXO!


4. He goes beyond being the leader of EXO

Suho isn’t just the leader of EXO, he’s also become a big brother to the other members. He’s always looking out for them…


While also spoiling them plenty too!


And although even he admits he may nag too often…


Suho has a huge heart that he’s always showing.


But it isn’t just his members that he shows some major brotherly love to. In the past, f(x)‘s Amber revealed that when she was a trainee Suho would actively seek her out to simply talk to her and helped her learn about cultural differences.


NCT‘s Johnny has also spoken up about Suho. He’s shown major gratitude for Suho and has even said that Suho is one of the reasons he is experiencing success in his career!


5. Suho loves EXO-L with every fiber of his being!

Suho remembers all the promises he makes to fans, even if they’re a year apart!


He isn’t afraid to do something a little embarrassing to make them smile…


And he has even apologized when he doesn’t think he’s lived up to their expectations!

Suho, Chanyeol, and Sehun apologize to fans for ISAC performance


He even keeps himself updated on all the latest EXO memes!


Suho has an enormous heart that is filled to the brim with his friends, family, and fans and EXO-Ls are more than happy to give him a whole lot of love back!