5 Things SuperM Said That Seemed Like Fake Subs But Were 100% Real

They’re all so chaotic it’s hilarious.

I honestly don’t know what we expected when SM Entertainment pulled seven talented members from three different successful K-Pop groups. Talented vocals and dance? Yes. Stunning visuals? Yes. A whole lot of chaos? Not so sure. Either way, here are 5 hilarious SuperM moments that seemed like fake subs, but were 100% real:

1. When Baekhyun insisted that they went swimming naked

Taeyong nearly had a heart attack when he and Kai tried to set the record straight.


2. Watching Taeyong swim

Apparently Taemin and Baekhyun like watching Taeyong swim because its soothing…like a seal.

3. Taeyong’s creative(?) names

If Taeyong were to create a game, he said he would make it a…mediation game?

Lets just say he probably shouldn’t be in charge of naming games or movies any time soon.

4. Mark’s favorite food

Mexican food? I only know Mexigan food.


5. Ten comparing Baekhyun to the gingerbread man from Shrek

As if the comparison wasn’t odd enough, Baekhyun said it was because Ten has seen him naked.