5 Things Wanna One Hwang Minhyun Has Actually Said To Fans That Will Give You Butterflies

He is so sweet and kind that just one look will give you butterflies.

Wanna One‘s Hwang Minhyun has a reputation for being extremely approachable and kind to his fans. When he interacts with Wannables at fan events, it’s clear he is interested in getting to know each and every one…. and some fans are saying they can’t attend because being too close to him will make them faint! Below are things Hwang Minhyun has actually said or done to fans that will prove he really is as warm and kindhearted as he seems!


1.  When he met a shy fan who tried to run away but he wouldn’t let her leave

At a fan signing event, one fan was so overcome with emotion that she couldn’t look Hwang Minhyun in the eye. She was blushing so much she tried to leave, embarrassed, but Hwang Minhyun wouldn’t let her – holding onto her hand and trying to look into her eyes!

Eventually, he coaxed her to look at him and turned on the charm!


2. When he refused to let a fan become sick for him

A fan told him she would take away his sickness and be sick for him instead, but he answered without hesitation: “No way! You can’t, you can’t!


3. When he discusses the gifts he receives

Hwang Minhyun doesn’t just accept his gifts, he has a chat about them with his fans! In the above instance, he is asking whether it’s supposed to look like him!


4. When he puts down his food to sign

When he was on Produce 101, Hwang Minhyun was seen by a fan at a cinema. He was eating nachos and drinking lemonade, but didn’t hesitate to put his food aside to sign at her request.

The fan was so flustered she could only find an eyebrow pencil or a pink pen in her bag, but he told her not to worry!



5. He makes his fans feel like the luckiest woman in the world!

He asks his fan’s name… And takes their hand….

And looks intently into their eyes, like they’re the only girl in the world!


Watch some of Hwang Minhyun’s fan interactions below!

Source: Instiz and The Qoo

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