5 Times ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And His Mom Proved They Have The Funniest Relationship Ever

Wooyoung: Say “I love you” too! His Mom: *hangs up*

ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung is known for being one of the most affectionate guys around, always showing his love for his members and easily making friends with different people in the industry. However, it must be noted that the most special relationship in Wooyoung’s life is undoubtedly the one with his mom!

So, let’s take a look at five times the two of them had the most hilarious interactions ever:

1. When She Participated In His VLIVE

During a recent live stream, Wooyoung was texting back and forth with his older brother when he was told that his mother had a special request. Since ATINY had been showing her love in the chat before, she wanted Wooyoung to make sure they knew that she felt the same way!

A little while later she had another message for the fans, this time a bit more cheesy. Wooyoung’s mother asked him to read out the words “Let’s meet in our dreams, ATINY!” Props to Mama Jung for serving us more flirty Wooyoung content!

2. When She Told Him He Should Be Thankful (For The Rest Of His Life)

As part of ATEEZ’s Treasure Film series, each of the boys got to have a phone call with their families. While the rest of the members got pretty emotional, the conversation between Wooyoung and his mom was a bit… different to say the least. When Wooyoung thanked her for giving birth to him, she immediately listed off the reasons why he should be thankful, including the fact that she gave him a “good-looking face” and how he ended up “tall enough.”

3. When She Said To Him “Don’t Call Me.”

While cooking a meal for Lunar New Year late at night, Wooyoung decided it would be the *perfect* time to have a chat with his mother on the phone! Despite being quite obviously exhausted, his mom played along with his cute antics and told ATINY to love Wooyoung’s cooking. Before hanging up, however, she did make sure to express to him, “Don’t call me!”

4. When She Hung Up On Him

After asking for a quick favor from his mom during the Treasure Film series, Wooyoung started to end the call with an “I love you!” but was a little frustrated that she didn’t say it back. When he demanded that she “Say ‘I love you’ too!” his mom was absolutely not having it.

5. When He Asked Her About His Visual

On Wooyoung’s personal cooking show, he was extremely proud of the japchae that he made and wanted to show it off to his mother over video chat. She was very impressed, complimenting his skills and mentioning how the visual of the meal itself looked great. Then, Wooyoung asked her what she thought of “this visual” (pertaining to himself) in a playful tone!

What do you think about Wooyoung and his mom’s adorable relationship?