5 Times ATEEZ’s Yeosang Was A Pretty Savage

This man is sugar and spice!

While ATEEZ‘s Yeosang is mainly known for his amazing dancing and princely visuals, another one of his most notable talents is the art of roasting.

Here are 5 of Yeosang’s most savage moments:

1. “Wearing revealing clothes doesn’t always make you look hot.”

When ATEEZ appeared on Weekly Idol, Yeosang showed no mercy when it came to exposing his members. After calling out San for his ‘flexible hip joints’ and Seonghwa for his tongue movements, Yeosang moves onto Wooyoung with this absolute burn.

| Weekly Idol

2. “I think I’m the only one who is normal among the 99s.”

In the middle of an Idol Radio interview, Yeosang was asked who he believed to be the true leader among the 99-liners of ATEEZ. Much to everyone’s surprise, Yeosang picked himself according to this reasoning!

| Idol Radio

3. San: “Yeosang likes me so much!” Yeosang:

In ATEEZ The Record episode 6, San showed off a temporary tattoo placed on his neck. When San asked about Yeosang’s ear tattoo, he joked that it said “Choi San, I love you.” San then pulls him into a hug, not yet realizing Yeosang’s true feelings:

| ATEEZ The Record/VLIVE 

4. “This is Hongjoong’s mullet after 20 years.”

Later on during that same episode, Yeosang found a gigantic braided rope in a box on the set of their photoshoot. He took the opportunity to make this comparison:

| ATEEZ The Record/VLIVE 

5. “Please leave.”

During a hello82 challenge on Instagram Live, ATEEZ needed to make sure that only 82 people were active in order to win. When spoken words weren’t enough, Yeosang crafted this hilarious sign:

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

What is your favorite Yeosang moment?


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