10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stunned Us With The Coolest Eye Makeup

Her eyes are seriously mesmerizing!

Besides her jaw-dropping talent, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is also unbelievably beautiful! Lisa has several features that have captured BLINKs’ hearts! For one, Lisa has gorgeous eyes and she often dresses them up with stunning eye makeup!

Here are 10+ times Lisa stunned us with the coolest eye makeup!

1. Lisa’s big round eyes sparkle even more with some glittery eyeliner!

Who needs black eyeliner when you can go with a sparkly wing!

2. Matching eyes and lips

Lisa matched up a hot pink eye look with a hot pink lip and it’s clearly her color!

3. Long lashes

If anyone can pull off some long lashes it’s Lisa!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

4. Sultry!

Lisa killed this dark and sultry look for her cover performance of Doja Cat’s “Say So.”


5. From total baddie to total cutie!

Unlike her “Say So” makeup look, Lisa stunned everyone with this youthful and innocent look!

6. Love this look

This whole look as a whole was outstanding! From her hair to her makeup, Lisa looked like a cutie and a baddie at the same time.


7. Soft and colorful

Lisa’s big eyes look lovely with a two-colored eye look.


8. Not a lot of people can pull this eye makeup off

While it may be a lot for others, Lisa definitely pulls off a dark waterline!

9. She’s on fire

Lisa burns bright on stage and this fiery eye makeup definitely helps her shine.

10. A deep crease!

While her eyes are big on their own, a nice cut crease look makes them stand out even more! She truly does have the most beautiful eyes.


11. She’s too lovely for our eyes

Lisa’s thin liner and hot pink waterline prove she truly doesn’t need a lot to look as pretty as she does.

12. She’s got bedazzled eyes!

On top of her black eyeliner, Lisa added some cute gems and we love it.


13. Soft pink

Lisa’s charisma matches perfectly with this dusty rose-colored eyeshadow.


14. Lisa’s powerful gazed and graphic eyeliner are perfect

Graphic eyeliner is a huge and popular trend and Lisa definitely pulls it off! It definitely adds to her charisma.


15. This look drove everyone crazy!

Nothing can kill our love for this look.


16. She looks good in every color!

This blue-ish teal color looks amazing on Lisa and of course, the glitter definitely adds to the charisma.


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