5 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Totally Rocked The Parisian Aesthetic In Celine

Lisa and Celine were a match made in heaven!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was named as French luxury brand Celine‘s Global Ambassador back in September of 2020, and has since then fully embodied the brand’s aesthetics.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

To me, Celine is unrivalled, and Hedi Slimane has such a multifaceted talent — from clothing design to photography. He creates this rare, incredible, and desirable world through his vision. I’m always inspired by his work. It’s truly an honour and pleasure to be able to work with Hedi as Celine’s first ambassador.

—Lisa, VOGUE

Hedi Slimane is the Creative Director for Celine and also works in photography, photographing Lisa several times before.

| Celine

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lisa gushed about how much she loved working with Slimane even going on to say “I’ve told him [Slimane] before that I will follow him wherever he goes.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Now if that’s not love we don’t know what is! We’ve compiled 10 of our favorite looks of Lisa’s wearing Celine so keep reading!

1. it’s all about the details

In this case, it’s the headband!

2. classy model status

We can’t tell what’s classier, Lisa or her fit.

3. Lisa in Paris

The Eiffel Tower was a paid actor.

4. Pretty in Pink

The bold pink hoodie looks comfy yet so chic.

5. Mirror selfie

Lisa looks classy with her curled bangs, high buttoned jacket, Celine handbag, and sunglasses on at night. So cool!

We can’t keep our eyes off of Lisa and can’t wait to see what other Celine looks 2022 brings.