5 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Showed Us The Cutest Ways To Style A Sweater Vest

She’s the fashion icon we all need!

While some consider sweater vests to be a nerdier piece, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has shown us several times how to style them in the cutest ways!

1. Young and cute!

Most people match a sweater vest with a long-sleeve button-down shirt, however, Rosé showed us you can pair a short sleeve underneath. The short sleeves give off a more youthful and playful look rather than a sophisticated button-down.


2. Scholarly yet fashionable!

Rosé proved that a scholarly and bookish look can be stylish! In tone with the preppy trend, Rosé pulled off a blue cropped sweater vest and a lace button-down. The cutest part that adds a bit of style to the look is the button-down’s frilled lace lapel as well as the black-tie


3. It’s both fancy and casual!

This look works in several ways! The trousers add a bit of seriousness to the outfit while the opened toe shows and cropped sweater vest make it more relaxed!


Go ahead and match your favorite bag with the outfit too!


4. This is feminine yet edgy!

Rosé proved that wearing a sweater vest with no extra top underneath can really change the whole vibe of a sweater vest! While the white color theme and cute pigtails bring a feminine touch…

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

…the black accents such as the two ties in her hair and her black chunky boots add an edge!


5. All the way preppy!

This look Rosé wore on the group’s appearance of Knowing Bros represents the perfect school girl look! With a simple cropped sweater and a gray pleated skirt, Rosé shows how to look like the perfect role model student.