5 Times BTS’s J-Hope Proved His Dance Skills Are At A Whole Other Level

He’s a dance genius.

As BTS‘s main dancer, J-Hope has proven time and time again that his dance skills are no joke. Even in a group filled with amazing dancers, he still manages to stand out. Its skills like his that add to why BTS is one of the most talented groups in the world!

Here are some of his best dance performances to date!

1. When he had no bones

As ARMYs liked to point out in this video, J-Hope has the ability to move like a snake, and a powerful one at that. It’s incredible to see just how flexible his body is!

2. When he had full control over his body

Dancers must be able to control their movements, and J-Hope knows how to do just that! When he dances, it’s as if he has no bones in his body at all. From the tips of his toes to the ends of his fingers, he knows how much power to use.

3. When he was 100% focused

J-Hope is so good at dancing that he was even given a solo stage at the 2015 Dream Concert. You may usually find him smiling cheerfully, but he turns serious whenever he starts dancing.

4. When he dropped to his knees just like that

Now this is an iconic performance. J-Hope and Jimin went up against Block B at the 2014 MAMA Awards, and it’s still remembered today for good reason. They all owned the stage and made the crowd go wild!

5. When he put his heart and soul into the dance

Finally, the high production value of the WINGS ‘Boy Meets Evil’ trailer is deserving of J-Hope’s incredible talent. What makes him stand out so much besides his movement is his facial expressions. Fans can tell he’s putting his heart and soul into every performance, and in this case, he was every bit as intense and fierce as the rap called for.

With dance skills as good as his, J-Hope is practically unbeatable!