5 Times BTS’s Jungkook Made Jaws Drop With His Superb Singing Skills

We could listen to him sing all day!

As BTS‘s main vocalist, it isn’t surprising to know that Jungkook is an exceptional singer. Sometimes, however, it’s easy to forget just how good he is because of his many other talents. If you want to get lost in his beautiful voice once again, read on!

1. When he hit those high notes

Whenever Jungkook does adlibs, fans are reminded of how good he is at singing, not just in terms of emotions but in technical difficulty as well.

2. When he had a big voice

Jungkook is a main vocalist and this clip proves it! His voice was deeper than usual in this performance, impressing the thousands of fans who watched him.

3. When he sang Euphoria with full emotion

Jungkook has a honey-like voice that’s simply top-notch. A whole song like “Euphoria” dedicated to his vocals is a true blessing.

4. When he sounded like a CD

The live band version of BTS’s hit songs “No More Dream”, “Just One Day”, and “I Like It” showed off Jungkook’s pure voice to perfection. The verdict? He sounds just like the recording!

5. When he showed off his pure vocals

Finally, this was a truly magical performance of Jungkook’s. The first line in itself managed to show off his unique voice! He can reach high notes repeatedly with ease, and the emotions dripping from his voice can be felt even across the screen.