5 Times BTS’s Jungkook Shared His Heartwarming Family Stories

His grandmother is quite an interesting character!

BTS‘s Jungkook loves to talk about his family. ARMYs always look forward to stories about his family members, which give off heartwarming vibes of his happy childhood all the time. Here are just a few of his well-loved stories, shared over the years in his interviews and BTS content.

1. He shared his parents’ funny love story in an episode of Let’s Eat Dinner.

During an episode of Let’s Eat Dinner, Jungkook shared with the show’s host Kang Ho Dong that his dad married young and was two years younger than his mom. When Ho Dong asked if he knew about his parents’ love story, Jungkook took a deep breath and revealed in punchline fashion that his mom fell for his dad and hit on him first! Jungkook’s naughty laughter that followed was so precious.

2. He recalls how good his grandmother was with animals

Jungkook likes chatting with his stylists while they prep him up for his appearances. On one such occasion, he regaled his stylists with how good his grandmother was with animals and shared a cute story of how she took care of two chicks he bought as pets. The chicks weren’t so healthy when he got them but grew to be really big chickens under the loving care of his grandmother. Recalling this story made him want to buy chicks again.

3. Jungkook and his mom used to play basketball together.

Jungkook’s mom is the athletic type and he definitely inherited her penchant for sports. In this video, Jungkook was shooting hoops during an evening shoot, which suddenly reminded of his mom. Together, he and his mom used to bond over sports activities, among them playing basketball at night as exercise. On another occasion, Jungkook also shared that he and his mom used to go rock-climbing together. Jungkook’s mom is so cool!

4. Jungkook shared that his grandmother takes good selfies,

In a post-concert live internet broadcast hosted by BTS members J-Hope, Jimin and V, Jungkook joined them after a sparring session with his boxing coach. As they were taking a group photo, the members shared how their parents took selfie shots. Jungkook shared that his grandmother is quite skilled at taking selfies and “has her own vibes.”

5. Jungkook caught his dad playing Santa.

This must be one of Jungkook’s favorite stories since he shared it more than once: one was during their 2019 Festa get-together and another time was during their shoot for BTS’ Holiday Memories. The story goes that one Christmas eve when Jungkook was much younger, Jungkook was excited to see Santa and pretended to be asleep when he heard Santa arrive. He felt Santa’s beard graze his cheek and excitedly took a peek, only to see his dad running the Santa mask’s beard against his face! And that was how Jungkook stopped believing in Santa.


Jungkook surely has more memorable family stories to tell. We’ll definitely look forward to hearing more of these stories and gush over how cool and funny his family is.