5 Iconic Times BTS Experienced Microphone Failures

They always try their hardest no matter the situation.

Although we know BTS is known for their high energy performances, sometimes the tension can get too high! Here are several moments of BTS having problems handling their microphones.






1. Amateur vs. Professional

In this clip, Jungkook realizes that there is something wrong with his mic right away. Watch him dance and perform perfectly and not miss a beat while trying to fix his mic at the same time. Fans can’t help but love how professional he is in trying to perform the best stage for the fans.






2. Too “Turnt”

RM gives an explanation of how he was too “turnt up,” ultimately leading him to hit himself in the face with his microphone.






3. MIC Flippin’

It seems like V has a habit of flipping his mic while on stage. The problem is that it keeps slipping out of his hand! We can tell from his facial expression in the clip that this isn’t the first time this has happened.






4. Head Buttin’

RM ends up butting into J-Hope as he tries to go pick up his fallen microphone.






5. MIC or Not?

In this short clip, Jungkook and Jin both mistake their trophy for their microphones. While totally understandable, it’s just that much cuter when these two do it.






Regardless of these cute and professional accidents, BTS really prove that they always try their best to bring stellar performances to the fans.