5 Times BTS’s Jin Ended Toxic Masculinity With His Love For All Things Pink

Jin won’t let gender norms dictate what he likes.

BTS Jin’s favorite color right now is blue, but long-time ARMYs know he’s been a fan of pink for years. Instead of letting traditional gender expectations dictate what he likes, here are 5 times Jin rocked pink things without worrying about his masculinity.

1. His pink microphone

One of the most eye-catching microphones in BTS’s collection has to be Jin’s pink mic.

Not only is it pink, it’s also bedazzled with hundreds of tiny jewels so it sparkles just like Jin does.

2. His pink earpiece

And the microphone isn’t Jin’s only piece of pink audio equipment.

If you look closely, you’ll notice he had a matching pink jewelled in-ear monitor too.

3. His pink phone

Right now, Jin is using a Samsung Galaxy S10e for all his calling a KakaoTalk needs. However, there was a time when he used a pink flip phone.

It looked like something straight out of a 90s teen movie, but it suited Jin’s tastes perfectly.

4. His pink clothes

Just like any pink-lover, Jin’s closet is kitted out with plenty of pink clothes. He looked great in this simple pink t-shirt and matching cap combo.

This pink coat was one of his standouts, especially when paired with the edgy t-shirt underneath.

And who could forget this dashing all-pink suit?

5. His pink hair

Last but not least, Jin’s pink hair era was definitely a fan favorite. Something about it just suited his Mr. Worldwide Handsome side perfectly.