5 Times The Day6 Hyungs Showered Their Maknae Dowoon With Love

They all love Dowoon so much!

Day6‘s maknae Dowoon is so loved!

Dowoon serves as the group’s talented drummer and maknae, and his hyungs make sure to always remind him how much they love and appreciate him, and how important he is to them! Here are 5 instances of the times that they’ve showered Dowoon with the utmost love and affection!


1. Wonpil Doting On Him Like An Older Brother

As part of the maknae-line, Dowoon and Wonpil are the closest in age. The two get along famously, with Wonpil always finding the most suitable playmate in Dowoon! During their first fan meeting in 2018, Wonpil talked to the fans about his status as the ex-maknae, a time before Dowoon. He starts narrating his, Maknae Wonpil’s story, describing himself as a boy who everyone loved.


He then turns to the wall, and asks,

Mirror Mirror, on the wall,

who is the cutest of them all?



To which, Wonpil says the mirror replied…


The new maknae is cuter.



2. The Time Both Jae And Young K Looked at Dowoon With So Much Pride When He Sang

Dowoon joined Day6 primarily as a drummer, and so in the beginning, didn’t posses the strongest singing skills. But Young K once mentioned that he was taking singing lessons, and his members always hype him up! During a live session of their song “hurt road”, Dowoon ended the song by singing his line, and his hyungs YoungK and Jae couldn’t be prouder!


3. Sungjin Telling Viewers That Dowoon Is “Full Of Charm”

In a live broadcast, the members of Day6 were all fooling around, and decided to write down their charms. They then revealed whatever they had written, but when it was Dowoon’s turn, he revealed that he had written “nothing” for his charms! Sungjin then jumped in, and told all the viewers watching the broadcast that their maknae Dowoon is wrong, he’s always full of charms!


4. YoungK Making Sure That Dowoon Is Warm, And Doesn’t Catch A Cold

During a live broadcast filmed int he middle of their concert practice, the members were all sitting together in hoodies and bare faces, when YoungK reached up and tied Dowoon’s hoodie to make sure that he’s covered up and warm, and that he doesn’t catch a cold!


5. All Of Them Always Reassuring Him Of The Fact That He’s Doing Well

During another live broadcast, Dowoon tried his hand at playing the guitar! After strumming a few chords, he stopped, embarrassed, an all the members rushed to tell him what a good job he’d done!


And then, Wonpil also crushed him in a bear-hug!


Day6 made their last comeback in October 2019 with their third full album, The Book Of Us: Entropy, with title track “Sweet Chaos”. Their 2017 single, “You Were Beautiful” has also been climbing the charts recently.

Watch the MV for “Sweet Chaos” here!