5 Times Eric Nam & BTS Were Each Other’s Biggest Stans & The Best Of Friends

They’re as sweet and supportive as they are handsome!

Eric Nam and BTS aren’t just two Korean artists killing it in the K-Pop and K-R&B spheres—they’re also super close friends who support each other all the way. These 5 sweet moments prove that Eric Nam and BTS stan each other just as much as we all stan them.

1. When Eric called BTS the perfect underdogs

On YouTuber Grace Helbig’s Not Too Deep podcast, Eric Nam reminisced about what it’s been like to watch BTS’s journey. He pointed out that numerous K-Pop groups debut every year, but BTS pushed through the crowds with their amazing performances and unique approach to the industry.

He also recalled the time he was wowed when BTS performed as an opening act in 2014 but somehow stole the whole show. To him, BTS represents the “perfect underdog story”.

I think what really took BTS was their fandom, ARMY though. They were really rooting for that underdog. They were that perfect underdog story. But it worked because they’re amazing performers.

— Eric Nam

2. When BTS helped Eric with his music

When Eric Nam released his mini album Honestly in 2018, he confessed that the journey wasn’t easy. It took him two years to put together the self-produced album with “blood, sweat, and tears”. Thankfully, he didn’t have to go it alone—he had his BTS buddies to help him along the way.

Eric said that despite being older than BTS, he contacts them when he can to talk about music. BTS listened to all the tracks on Honestly and gave Eric plenty of feedback on everything from the guitar melodies to the song titles. In particular, Suga really helped Eric feel more confident in his songs.

3. When Eric went to BTS’s concert

On the first night of BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself show at Wembley Arena in London, 60,000 passionate ARMYs sang and danced along with their idols. One of those ARMYs was none other than Eric Nam. Eric gushed on Twitter about just how proud he was of his close friend and industry-mates after watching the historic concert.

He even participated in the fan event, happily holding up a slogan that read, “When you’re feeling down look back on the road we walked together” in Korean.

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4. When Suga and Eric decided to start a book club

Of all the BTS members, it seems like Suga is one of Eric Nam’s closest friends. In one interview, Eric mentioned how he likes to talk with Suga (and Epik High’s Tablo) about music, business, and more. The two like talking so much, Suga even suggested they try starting a book club together.

Of course, since Eric didn’t move to Korea until he was an adult, he mentioned that reading a whole book in Korean could be hard for him. So, who knows if the two ever got around to reading together!

5. When Eric almost cried over BTS’s award

When BTS became the first ever K-Pop group to win Top Group at the Billboard Music Awards, it wasn’t just a special moment for the members and ARMYs. It was also a huge deal to Eric Nam, who grew up in the U.S. at a time when Korean music got little recognition.

Eric said he was so touched by the win, he got goosebumps and even became emotional.

I almost cried seeing them win.

— Eric Nam


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