5 Times Famous Actors Appeared In Live K-Pop Performances

These actors are taking idol collaboration to the next level.

While many actors and actresses are also talented singers or dancers, there are others who are not known for anything but acting. But in a few rare instances, these famous celebrities suddenly turn up in the middle of a K-Pop live stage, either as a story driver in the performance or an honorary member of the group, singing and dancing along – and add that something extra to the performance.


1. Gong Seung Yeon’s special stage with TWICE

Joining TWICE for their performance of “Cheer Up”, Jeongyeon‘s older sister showed off her dance and singing skills, effortlessly sliding into the group and proving how hard she worked for those years she was a K-Pop idol trainee. Co-Inkigayo host and fellow actor Minseok also slayed the performance!


2. Kim So Hyun’s SEVENTEEN x MONSTA X’s collaboration stage

During the 2015 MAMA concert, MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN performed an epic collaboration stage that included some pining after the very popular and pretty actress Kim So Hyun.


3. Kim Bum stuck in a “Princess” dance battle

Boys Over Flowers actor Kim Bum was caught in a dance battle between the “princesses” of K-Pop – Girls’ Generation, Kara, Black Pearl and Wondergirls at the 2007 Mnet Music Festival. He looks a bit stressed by all the attention from such talents!


4. Lee Seo Won with I.O.I

Lee Seo Won sang his heart out with I.O.I to “Very Very Very” for a special Music Bank performance in 2016.


5. Song Kang with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and DIA’s Chaeyeon

Actor Song Kang hosted Inkigayo with fellow MCs Mingyu and Chaeyeon, and danced cutely into everyone’s hearts during their special stage earlier this year.


6. Bonus: Park Shin Hye

While Park Shin Hye is known primarily as an actress, she is also a talented singer, having showed off her abilities in the Korean drama Heartstrings alongside CN BLUE‘s Yonghwa. She also released tracks for the drama You’re Beautiful, which she starred in. That being said, she vary rarely appears on stage as a dancer or singer – so check out her dance performance for the opening of the 2011 Melon Music Awards, which she MC’d alongside Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.