5 Times The “Hwasa Effect” Sold Out Everything MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Touches

People don’t call MAMAMOO’s Hwasa the “sold-out queen” for nothing.

People don’t call MAMAMOO’s Hwasa the “sold-out queen” for nothing. Her power to make sales skyrocket simply by using a product is so strong, the media even refers to it as the “Hwasa Effect”. Just take a look at 5 times the “Hwasa Effect” took Korea by force.

1. Gopchang

The media first used the term “Hwasa Effect” when she started a sold-out gopchang craze in Korea.

Gopchang is a popular dish made of cow intestines, traditionally shared as a dinner meal with drinks among friends. Hwasa, however, broke the mold by eating gopchang for lunch by herself on MBC’s I Live Alone in 2018.

Viewers everywhere were so intrigued by Hwasa’s impromptu mukbang, the restaurant where she ate quickly began trending on Instagram. Within no time, there was a lengthy line outside Daehan Gopchang restaurant, and the dish was sold out.

Her impact was so strong, it later earned her a partnership with Lotte Home Shopping. The “Hwazakaya” gopchang sets she promoted reportedly sold 5,000 units within just 50 minutes.

2. Fried tofu rice balls

And that wasn’t the only time Hwasa’s eating habits caused a buying frenzy. In March this year, Hwasa returned to I Live Alone and shared one of her favorite diet dishes: fried tofu rice balls.

Using her own recipe, Hwasa combined rice with fried tofu and beef brisket. As simple as the dish may seem, it sent everyone into a craze. The recipe began trending on online communities, and within just two days, one online supermarket ran out of the ingredients.

3. Sheet music

It’s almost as if Hwasa’s appearances on I Live Alone have become impromptu CFs. Alongside selling out the food she eats on the show, she even made it to national news after creating a sales boost for sheet music.

A few months ago, Hwasa was seen playing a simple recorder on the show. As soon as the broadcast was over, the site where Hwasa purchased her sheet music found itself inundated with orders.

They soon posted a notice that shipping would be delayed thanks to the overwhelming response to I Live Alone.

4. Hairbrushes

In another clip from I Live Alone in 2019, Hwasa’s stylist was seen using a Tangle Angel hairbrush to brush through her long locks. As usual, netizens’ interests were piqued immediately, and the product soon sold out.

The next day, Tangle Angle issued a statement confirming that the overwhelming influx of orders was all thanks to Hwasa.

5. Lenses

Of course, the products Hwasa official endorses sell out too. MAMAMOO first became endorsers for Davich’s Trevues lenses in February 2019. Each member represented a different line from the brand, with Hwasa modelling the Trevues Palette lenses.

According to reports from NewsPaper, by the end of February, Hwasa’s Trevues Palette lenses were already sold out. Demand was so high, the company was unable to restock the lenses until October.