5 Times Jay Proved He Is ENHYPEN’s Fashion King During Interviews

“I want to help build a culture that encourages each person to wear clothes based on his or her own thought and belief.”

Out of all seven members of ENHYPENJay is considered to be the group’s fashion king. Not only does he consistently express his interest in the subject, but he also shows off his knowledge with every outfit he wears.

So, let’s take a look at five times Jay proved he is 100% a fashion expert:

1. When He Shared What Being An “Artist” Means To Him

During his interview with Elle Japan, Jay opened up about his definition of what being an artist truly is. He constantly strives to be the best he can be in every creative field possible in order to become a person that others can look up to.

I’m interested in anything related to art. And I think to be worthy of the title ‘artist’ you need to be at least somewhat good in every art-related field. I take fashion very seriously because I think artists should show outwardly how seriously they take their art and their work. I think I’m also influenced by looking at artists like V from BTS who’re famous for their fashion sense.

— Jay

| Elle Japan

2. When He Promoted Individuality

In the middle of an interview with Weverse, Jay explained that he is a strong believer of people being able to choose clothes based on their own preferences rather than having to conform to the standards of those around them.

I want to help build a culture that encourages each person to wear clothes based on his or her own thought and belief, not dismissing individuality or blindly copying some celebrity outfit, and one that does not treat people poorly for not keeping up with trends.

— Jay

| Weverse Magazine

3. When He Taught Us About First Impressions

Jay knows that different people have different opinions about the fashion choices of others, and communicated during an interview with J-14 that clothes can be a way to express yourself early on in a relationship.

In a way, fashion is a means to express yourself when you meet someone for the first time. So depending on what kind of person you want to be portrayed as, I think you can buy or wear clothes accordingly.

— Jay

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

4. When He Embraced His Korean Roots

When Jay was asked about the concept of Rock Chic, he cited BTSJimin as his motivation. This is because Jimin’s fashion choices inspired him to try and incorporate his Korean heritage into that style, then ultimately make it his own.

Tastes can change at any time, but it is a category I’m currently studying with the most interest. Even when Rock Chic was widely popular with St. Laurent leading the trend, I had been indifferent; but I began to take interest because of BTS’ Jimin. Through his street fashion, I realized that Korean charm can be reflected in Rock Chic.

— Jay

| Weverse Magazine

5. When He Saw Strength In Struggle

On Cosmopolitan‘s YouTube channel, Jay revealed that one of his biggest idols when it comes to fashion is Hedi Slimane, a famous designer known for his work as the creative director of Dior Homme, Yves Saint Laurent, and now Celine. He was extremely touched by how Slimane was able to take his perceived weaknesses and turn them into strengths, then eventually worldwide trends.

“There’s a fashion designer named Hedi Slimane. He’s someone who popularized the ‘skinny fit’ – I saw a lot of his works and was inspired by his way of thinking. He was very skinny when he was young so he got teased a lot because of that, but it wasn’t like he disliked himself or his body. Rather, he became a designer to make clothes that specifically complemented his body type and figure to overcome any perceived flaws.”

— Jay

| @enhypen/Instagram

As someone who is so insightful about the world of fashion at such a young age, there is no doubt that Jay can become a huge name in the industry in the near future!

What do you think about Jay’s style?