Here Are 5 Times Idols Failed To Communicate With Each Other

These moments will bring a smile to your face!

Now although we know K-Pop idol groups are known for their great chemistry and synchronized choreography, there are times when they just don’t get the memo! Here’s five times idols failed to communicate with each other!

1. SISTAR’s Soyou and Hyolyn

Hyolyn was supposed to whisper the answer to Soyou, but ended up bringing her ear closer too, causing the two of them to touch ears…and Soyou not receiving an answer!

| Knowing Bros/JTBC 

2. Oh My Girls’ Mimi and Arin

Seeing that both of them had umbrellas, they both closed the umbrellas at the same time, only to realize they needed one open to share together!

| Nate Pann 

3. Aespa’s Karina and Giselle

They were supposed to take photos one at a time, but both of them jumped out of the frame at the same time, as they tried to let the other person go first!

| Studio Choom/YouTube

4. SEVENTEEN’s DK and Joshua

They were supposed to carry one person, but both of them decided they wanted to be carried!

| 여성시대/Daum Cafe 

5. BTS’s RM and V

It looks like both of them were eager to say something to each other!

| Run BTS!/V Live

These fun little miscommunication moments have thus created legendary idol GIFS that will remain in K-Pop history forever!

Source: nate pann