5 Times K-Pop Idols Rewrote Their Own Fanfiction

#2 actually published his own fanfiction on social media for fans to read.

Fan-written stories about celebrities or characters, or fanfiction,  is a part of most fandom experiences. K-Pop fans often write stories about their favorite idols, from “Y/N” stories to fanfiction that ships two K-Pop idols together.

Sometimes K-Pop idols stumble upon fanfiction themselves, or they go looking for it and have pretty varying reactions. Some idols have even offered their own suggestions or edits to fanfiction about themselves! Here are some idols who have rewritten fanfiction about themselves.

1. Block B

Block B are a group that are not afraid to completely realistic in front of fans and because of this, fans have come to expect almost anything from the group. During one of the group’s shows, Kyung began speaking about something that he was very curious about and it was Taeil‘s relationship with P.O.

Taeil admits to having been on the internet and found some fanfictions of him and P.O together in addition to other fanfictions about the other members.  The group then discuss the different fanfictions they have found and complained about the content in some of them.

This probably was not a surprise to some fans as Zico had previously told a fan during a fan meeting that the fanfiction written about him should be a bit more “hardcore.” Zico and Kyung continued their fanfiction involvement into 2016 on an episode of Saturday Night Live Korea, where the two kissed during a fanfiction skit.

2. Heechul

Instead of being shocked by the amount of fanfiction there was about him and his bandmates, Super Junior‘s Heechul took it into his own hands and decided to write his own fanfiction. Heechul wrote fanfiction stories of himself with Leeteuk and the popular trio of EunSiHae, (Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae) and published them on his social media accounts.

Super Junior’s Heechul (left) and Leeteuk (right).

Heechul also shared a fanfiction of him and EXID‘s Hani being siblings for the pure reason of being bored while in traffic.

3. eaJ

eaJ (also known as Jae Park) once decided to ask fans what fanfiction was and then went on a hunt of his own to find one. When he did, it seems like the experience affected him a little leading him to tweet a meme that said he was scarred for life.

It doesn’t seem like it affected him that much because a few months later he quoted a fan’s tweet and added his own edits to the fanfiction they had written!

4. BTS’s Jin

In what could be considered a fan’s worst nightmare, BTS‘s Jin took it upon himself to rewrite a short fanfiction that a fan posted on Weverse. The fan shared a gif of RM whispering something to J-Hope that made him smile and added their own imagined comments as sort of a mini fanfic.

RM: They’re the one that likes you
J-Hope: (smirk)

Jin later commented with his own version of this fanfiction’s scenario.

Namjoon: He’s the one that farted in the lecture room!
J-Hope: (smirk)


Another group open to talking about fanfiction written about themselves, NU’EST shared in the past that they often read fanfiction of themselves to the point of knowing the popular “ships” among the members.

Minhyuk: One of the more impressive ones that I’ve read was about the NU’EST members who all go to school together and are into each other. And were all trying to date one another or something like that.

When talking about the content of the fanfiction, Baekho once commented that in stories he is always the “school bully” and that he wanted that to change!

Do you think your faves read fanfiction about themselves?