5 Times MONSTA X’s Joohoney Blew Us Away With His Amazing Vocals

He’s got a voice as sweet as honey!

While it may be no secret that Joohoney from MONSTA X is an incredible rapper and songwriter, his singing is also quite a force to be reckoned with!

Here are 5 songs that Joohoney absolutely slayed with his amazing vocals:

1. Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars (Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook)

After their interview with Yoo Hee Yeol, MONSTA X had prepared two performances: Shoot Out (which was their newest release at the time) and Versace on the Floor. Much to viewers’ delight, Joohoney was given a huge solo in the middle of the song where he was able to belt out some godly notes!

2. Look At Me by Lee Jung (King of the Masked Singer)

During his appearance on King of the Masked Singer, Joohoney got to sing one last song after he was eliminated from the competition. When his identity was finally revealed, both viewers and industry professionals alike were shocked to find out that the man behind ‘Okidoki’ was Joohoney!

3. You Will Be Happy Without Me by Leeds (starshipTV)

On the starshipTV YouTube channel, Joohoney recorded his very own cover of You Will Be Happy Without MeΒ for MONBEBE to enjoy. The sentimentality really shined through in his voice and his vibrato was to die for!

4. Beside U by Monsta X (MTV Unplugged)

When MONSTA X participated in the MTV Unplugged at Home campaign to promote the practice of self-quarantine, Joohoney started off the video with his very own acoustic version of Beside U. Fans were delighted to hear a new interpretation of the song, and Joohoney’s vocals did not disappoint!

5. Jumper by Cravity (Guide Version)

Less than two weeks after his junior’s debut, Joohoney posted a video of the original demo track he had made specifically for Cravity. Not only did MONBEBE get to listen to his signature rapping style but they were also treated to his smooth vocals on the song!

Which Joohoney cover is your favorite?