5 Times MONSTA X’s Shownu Has Tested Us

Why is he like this?

MONSTA X‘s Shownu is certainly an interesting character. Stoic and serious but cuddly and sweet, he truly is just like a bear. It’s hard not to love him… most of the time. As loveable as Shownu is, there are truly times were he tests us all and just begs the question: why?

1. The Carrot Cake

Back in May of this year, MONSTA X were guests on the TV show MMTG. When stopping for a bite to eat, Shownu was seen going for a big slice of cake with just his mouth. I.M. continuously tried to give him a fork but failed, leading to Shownu taking big bites into the slice.

| 문명특급 – MMTG/YouTube

2. The All-In-One Shampoo

As handsome as Shownu is, everyone was shocked to hear the idol’s newly-revealed shower routine. Most notably, he uses an all-in-one shampoo and body wash (a taboo for beauty lovers). This is not what we meant by “All In”, Shownu!

| @sonhyunwoo0618/Tumblr

3. The No-Sheet Towel-As-A-Blanket Sleeper

While it’s unclear if he still uses a towel as a blanket, there’s definitely evidence that Shownu still leaves his bed sheet-less. This old picture still haunts many Monbebes to this day. I guess an idol can sleep anywhere, huh?

4. The Hand Salad

Yes, another eating one, but this is just another one Monbebes can’t forget. Shownu eating a salad with his hands. Now, eating with your hands admittedly isn’t that strange, but Shownu always has a way of making us think otherwise. This time? Shownu used a fork and knife to take out some ingredients and then later, mid-eating, used them again to mix up his food. It’s more a question of why didn’t he use his hands to take out the food or just use the utensils for everything?

| Face ID/KakaoTV

5. The Over-active Dad

Almost every interaction between Shownu and a child becomes a Dad moment. However, this scene from MONSTA X-Ray Season 1 is always one that Monbebes remember. The boys are playing with children on a playground and Shownu approaches this little girl to help her. By “help” her, we mean bounce her horse into the next dimension. At least she had a lot of fun.


Regardless of his antics, we love him. Keep being you, Shownu.


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