5 Times SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was Too Chaotic For His Own Good

If there’s one thing Jeonghan can do in addition to being an idol, its being a menace to society!

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan has always been somewhat of an interesting guy, as he has gone viral for doing many things that leave fans speechless. Most recently, he has posted photos on Weverse of his pet rock and its home after casually speaking about his “pet rock” to fans for a few months now.

Here are 5 times Jeonghan was too chaotic for his own good!

1. His Pet Rock Habitat

As fans might already know, Jeonghan has had a pet rock named Jjongddol since last year. What fans did not know until his Weverse post was that Jjongddol lived in complete luxury thanks to Jeonghan!

Fans are loving Jeonghan’s absolute dedication to creating a loving environment for his pet rock.

2. His Emotional Support Cutlery

One of the most popular Jeonghan photo themes seems to be ones where he is holding cutlery of some sorts. Though we can’t necessarily pinpoint where this all began, its safe to say Jeonghan needs his emotional support cutlery and occasionally a sword or two.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and his cutlery

3. The Pimple Patch Incident

If you are a big SEVENTEEN fan, you have probably caught a few of their VLIVEs from time to time. One in particular was hosted by Jeonghan, and was seemingly normal. He talked with fans and ate dinner, which is typical of his VLIVEs. Fans who were watching live noticed, though, that while he was streaming, the pimple patch on his chin fell off into his food. They promptly let him know through the chat, but they were too late…

4. Swearing on VLIVE

In yet another VLIVE moment for Jeonghan, this moment features him playing video games with his fellow SEVENTEEN member DK. The two are playing the video games to intensely, Jeonghan lets a few words slip by, followed by apologizing to the viewers for his slip!


Following the broadcast, he hopped on Weverse and apologized again to CARAT’s, saying, “CARAT, I’m truly sorry about that. I’ll be more careful from now on.” The vast majority of CARAT’s found his slip to be endearing, though, so don’t worry too much Jeonghan!

5. Losing His Cool at Mingyu For Not Giving Him Photocreds

If you haven’t seen SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Instagram just yet, you might not know that it is filled with photos of him that typically go viral. They are always taken by another person, though, and in this instance, Jeonghan was the photographer. Mingyu did not write in his comments that Jeonghan was the mastermind behind his great post, so Jeonghan made sure to let everybody know in the comments that he went through a lot of trouble to get the photos for Mingyu!

The argument between the two became such a popular joke between CARAT’s that Jeonghan was even requested to do a dramatic reading of his message on VLIVE.

Overall, Jeonghan is absolutely chaotic without a doubt, but that’s just one of the reasons why CARAT’s love him so much!