5 Times Stray Kids Savagely Teased Their Leader Bang Chan For “Being Old”

The third time was hilarious.

One of Stray Kids‘ favorite pastimes is to tease their leader Bang Chan about his age. And at the ripe age of 24, Bang Chan can’t seem to get them to stop. Sorry Bang Chan, I guess you’re old. I don’t make the rules here, your members do.

1. Picking their team name

The rest of the members didn’t even wait for him to finish asking before suggesting they name their team “the elderly”.

2. Deciding who should go last

Clearly the members were worried about his condition due to his age, so they suggested he go last out of all them. Not without some teasing of course.

3. The age filter

The betrayal. Needless to say, the rest of the members had a field day with the proof that this filter gave them of Bang Chan’s old age.

4. When saying his age.

They could have left it at just “25”, but nooo they just had to also mention that 25 is half of 50, which is old.

5. Unprovoked, daily activities

Minho, you better watch your back. That is the look of someone out for revenge. Bang Chan is coming for you.

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