These 5 Times Stray Kids Showed Their Support For LGBTQ+ Fans Will Touch Your Heart

They’ve shown support to fans of all sexualities and genders.

It can be difficult for idols to open up about their support for the LGBTQ+ community without backlash, but the Stray Kids members have showed how much they love all fans, regardless of sexuality or gender, on multiple occasions.

1. When Bang Chan included non-binary people

When Bang Chan was giving his speech at the group’s District 9: Unlock concert in LA on February 16, he made sure not to limit his words to those who identify within the gender binary.

Bang Chan talked about what made the concert special is that everyone is welcome—no matter whether “you’re a boy, a girl, or anyone else you choose to be”, showing his acknowledgement for those who are non-binary or identify with other genders.

2. When they met a fan at New York Pride

Back in 2018 when Stray Kids performed at KCON in New York, the capital city’s Pride festival was being held at the same time. The yearly event celebrates and supports the LGBTQ+ community.

The day after KCON, several Stays spotted the members exploring the city while the Pride events were taking place.

She said she only got to speak to Felix, but all the members were smiling and waving.

3. When they wore Pride shoes

On their way to KCON NY, one of the Stray Kids members was already showing support for the LGBTQ+ community with his fashion choices.

At the airport, Changbin wore the Nike Air VaporMax Plus BETRUE sneakers. These shoes were designed to celebrate Pride month, featuring a pink and lavender color scheme with a unique rainbow sole.

4. When Lee Know wore a safety pin earring

Lee Know owns plenty of socially and environmentally conscious fashion and accessory pieces. One of his favorites seems to be a safety pin earring, which he’s been seen wearing several times.

He showed it off alongside his wildlife conservation earrings, implying that he probably knows the safety pin’s hidden social meaning. For the past several years, those in the know have worn safety pins to show that they’re allies of marginalized communities, including the LGBTQ+.

5. When Felix gave his ideal type for boys and girls

Usually, when idols are asked about their ideal type, they immediately gravitate towards the opposite gender. But when one stay asked Felix his ideal type at a fansign, he had a surprising response: “Boy or girl?”

He went on to say that is his ideal type for men is someone dark, strong, and muscular like Changbin. For women, he likes female Stays just as they are.

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