5 Times TREASURE Members Showed They Have The Most Love And Respect For Women

They are the ultimate gentlemen!

TREASURE may be the most known for their amazing singing and dancing abilities, but another important reason as to why they’re so well-liked is because of how excellent their manners, most noticeably when interacting with female fans, family members, and more!

So, let’s take a look at five times the members have shown nothing but love and the utmost respect for women in their lives:

1. When Yedam Lent His Jacket To A Female Staff Member

While TREASURE was busy working on “EVERYDAY” in the studio, Yedam wore a dark green jacket. As their recording session progressed, he ended up taking it off and placing it on the couch behind him. After that, a few observant Teumes noticed that he eventually gave it one of the staff members sitting in the room to keep her warm!

2. When Junkyu Apologized For Entering A Women’s Restroom

During a special episode of the group’s TREASURE MAP series, Jaehyuk, Jeongwoo, and Junkyu needed to explore the women’s bathroom in order to find clues for their challenge! Despite the fact that they were literally the only people there, Junkyu felt the need to apologize for going inside, saying “I’m sorry for being in the girl’s restroom, this is a game…”

3. When Jaehyuk Asked Permission To Touch This Little Girl’s Cheeks

One of the cutest TREASURE MAP moments came from the 39th episode, when they all had to babysit little kids! At one point, Jaehyuk asked this adorable little girl if she would be okay with him touching her cheeks.

[TREASURE MAP] EP.39 👶🏻 우리 아이돌이 달라졌어요 👶🏻 트레저 베이비시터 | TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube
When she ultimately refused, he gave her a warm smile and didn’t try pushing the subject whatsoever. Teumes love how Jaehyuk always takes the subject of consent so seriously, even regarding the littlest of things!

[TREASURE MAP] EP.39 👶🏻 우리 아이돌이 달라졌어요 👶🏻 트레저 베이비시터 | TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube

4. When Doyoung Protected His Female Classmates From Creepy Bullies At School

Before he ever became an idol, Doyoung was already an amazing role model for others during his school days! An old classmate once shared a story about how he totally shut down a group of bullies who were harassing some of the girls in his class.

As usual, the bullies started talking about a female classmate’s body (legs). But as soon as that happened, Doyoung said, ‘Do you mean my legs look good? Thank you, haha.’ (Or something similar, I don’t remember exactly since it did happen 5 years ago). The bullies laughed at him and said, ‘No, we’re talking about that girl’s legs,’ along with some other sexually harassing comments. Doyoung immediately stopped them and asked, ‘Is she okay with you talking about her legs like this?’ The bullies got embarrassed and said, ‘We’re just kidding, don’t get so serious,’ trying to laugh it off. Doyoung told them in a gentle but firm manner that they’re sexually harassing the female student and that they should stop and go back to their homerooms and eat lunch instead.

— Doyoung’s classmate on Pann

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

5. When Yoshi Saw His Mother At The Airport

It’s often said “how a man treats his mother his how he’ll treat you,” and we’re pretty sure all Teumes would be happy to agree with them! When the Japanese members finally got to return home and visit their families this past March, fans couldn’t get over how precious it was when Yoshi immediately ran straight to his mother and gave her the biggest hug ever.

Which moment is your favorite?