5 Times TWICE Showed Their Closeness With Mina By Imitating Her

Only really close friends can get away with annoying one another like this.

The girls of TWICE share an undeniably strong bond and the strength of their friendship is admirable. The girls have shown how much they care for one another time-and-time again, but without a doubt, it takes an unbreakable bond to annoy your friends by imitating them and God-level patience from the person on the receiving end. Mina, who is known for her shy and reserved personality, good-naturedly goes along with her groupmates-turned-friends jokes, as they often playfully imitate her.

1. Nayeon imitating Mina

2. Momo imitating Mina

3. Dahyun imitating Mina

4. The J-Line (of which she is a member) imitating Mina

5. Jihyo imitating Mina

Although it can be irritating being mimicked by even your closest pals, Mina has shown that not only is she very understanding, but that she’s happy to bring some joy into her friend’s lives. Mina is the friend we all need in our lives!