5 Times Yesung Nearly Lost His Mind Against Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk doesn’t understand the concept of the word “hyung”.

Super Junior has been a group for over 14 years now, which means the members have been together for a big chunk of their lives. Super Junior is one of the longest-running groups in K-Pop and their bond shouldn’t be questioned.



There are two members though that always look like they’re bickering whenever they see each, which are Eunhyuk and Yesung. This is more of a straightforward relationship, where Eunhyuk is the one making jokes and Yesung is receiving them. Let’s look at some times where Yesung was being roasted by Eunhyuk, sometimes for no reason.

1. Casually Making Fun of His Fashion Choices

Yesung was just minding his own business and the first thing that went to Eunhyuk’s mind when he saw his clothes was to make fun of them.



2. Questioning His Employment Status

While it would usually be nice to say that someone is employed and busy with work, Eunhyuk doesn’t see that when he sees Yesung.



3. Imitation

Despite being one of the main vocalists for Super Junior, that doesn’t stop Eunhyuk from making fun of Yesung’s tone and voice.



4. Roasting Him When He’s Not Even There

Just because Yesung isn’t with Eunhyuk doesn’t mean that stops him from roasting him whenever he can.



5. Just Being Himself

Here’s Eunhyuk just spraying Yesung for whatever reason.



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