5 Top Female Idols Who Managed To Buy Their Dream Luxury Cars

These five female idols have achieved their dreams through hard work and determination, and they’ve purchased luxurious vehicles that many others can only dream of purchasing.
1. miss A Suzy

Suzy revealed her car to be the Porsche 911 in Off the Rec.SUZY, and has been seen driving her car around with her best friend in a few episodes. The price of the Porsche 911 is priced at roughly 171 million Won (approximately $151,532 USD).

Image: Car Magazine

2. Girls’ Generation TaeyeonTaeyeon is the driver of a Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG and has been spotted driving it in public. This car is priced at 69.6 million Won (approximately $61,671 USD) in Korea.

Image: Fuse

3. Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon owns a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, albeit an older model. Regardless, Range Rovers are luxury cars, and this car is priced at 109.5 million Won (approximately $97,008 USD).

Image: Road and Track

4.  2NE1 Dara

Dara also has a Land Rover Range Rover, but is the newer 2017 model and is red instead of white. The price is in the same range as Hyoyeon’s.

Image: Land Rover

5. Sulli

Sulli drives a BMW 428i Hard Top Convertible, which is priced at 75.4 million Won (approximately $66,707 USD).

Image: Auto Evolution

Source: Dispatch