5 Of The Top Most Shipped Idols This Year

Who is your ship?

Whether you admit it openly or not, at some point, you’ve more than likely shipped your favorite idols. Pretty much everyone has done it at some point, even if it means shipping your bias with yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The important thing when shipping your OTPs is remembering to be mindful and respectful that they’re real people and not fictional characters in a fanfic.


G-Dragon and Dara are frequently shipped by fans

Anyway, the list, which was assembled by YouTube channel KOOKIELIT, examines the “most shipped K-Pop idols of 2020“. (In fact, that’s the video title!) Here are five of the “most shipped” idols this year, according to KOOKIELIT.

1. BLACKPINK’S Lisa and Rosé

This ship has like a million different names. Fans call them Chaelisa,  Rosa, Rolisa, and more!


As KOOKIELIT notes, Rosé even once said that she would date Lisa, so it just makes sense for fans to ship them together. They also have a very close friendship that makes fans UWU all day long.

2. NCT’s Ten and Taeyong

Source: Paripop

NCT’s Ten and Taeyong are lovingly referred to by fans as “Taeten” and fans have been shipping them for a long time!

Back in 2015 they were in a video together called Game Time as friends where there wore matching t-shirts and held hands after losing a game of rock-paper-scissors.


3. EXO’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun

It’s the most popular EXO ship. And, some fans even call them the royal OTP of EXO!


They’ve been friends practically forever and have a lot in common, not to mention they are both incredibly handsome, which is why EXO-L put them on such a high pedestal.

4. BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo

Jensoo is shipped because they have a very sweet friendship and they’re not afraid to show how close they are to one another.


Between the Jensoo ship and the Chaelisa ship, it’s awesome that BLINKs didn’t leave a single member of BLACKPINK out.

5. BTS’s J-Hope and Suga

J-Hope and Suga are total opposites, but that’s okay because they say “opposites attract” for a reason!

Because of their different personalities, fans believe they can even each other out.


To see the complete list and see which “couple” was the number one most shipped, you’ll have to watch their video below:

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