5 Touching Moments When BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Lisa Took Care Of Each Other — And It’s Proof They’re Totally BFFs

Only your true best friend can do #5 to you, after all.

BLINKs think it’s always wonderful whenever BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa interact with each other because their kind personalities can actually be seen on camera.

Even though the two have had their sweetest moments documented before, fans still couldn’t get enough…

…especially when the gestures they do highlight how much they love and care for one another.

Obviously, the duo also take care of each other off-camera, but here are five of the most touching moments that we were able to witness because they were thankfully filmed — which one is your favorite?

1. BFFs love to take turns in taking care of each other

Lisa helped Jennie take off her socks for her…

…and she even reached out behind her so that she can get a blanket for her close friend.

It seems like Jennie was touched with Lisa’s gestures, so she gave the blanket for Lisa to use, and stood up to get a blanket for herself.

2. Jennie assisting Lisa with her injury

Jennie oftentimes stayed back and waited for Lisa so that she could help her go down the stairs.


You can see Jennie holding her hand and carefully assisting her to go down the stairs so she wouldn’t have a hard time with her injury.

3. Airport security, who?

Who needs a personal bodyguard when you can have your very own BFF protecting you from predatory “fans” who have no respect for personal space?

Lisa made sure to cover Jennie’s body so she can act as a “shield” — and if that’s not friendship, then what is?

4. Every time Jennie leans on to Lisa

As close friends, Jennie doesn’t just lean on to Lisa figuratively…

…she likes leaning her head against her close friend literally, too.

5. Telepathy exists, and here’s proof

During one of their broadcasts, you can see Lisa and Jennie meet eyes for an extremely brief moment.


The two close friends didn’t even need to exchange words with one another: Lisa knew that Jennie wanted chicken, so she got a piece and gave it to Jennie who was visibly thankful for her yummy treat.

Since Lisa and Jennie are such close friends, fans believe that Jennie and the rest of BLACKPINK were there for Lisa when her “scamming incident” happened. Check out the next article below for full details:

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